Janani Ramachandran

Staff Attorney

Janani Ramachandran is an attorney and activist passionate about challenging the status quo and galvanizing social change. Born and raised in the East Bay, she graduated from Stanford University and Berkeley Law. Prior to law school, Janani worked as a home-visiting case manager at a community health clinic, serving immigrant mothers experiencing abuse, homelessness, workplace discrimination, and other injustices. She later founded the clinic’s inaugural domestic violence advocacy program, and launched several public health campaigns. In law school, Janani served as a Board Director at two anti-violence and restorative justice nonprofits, and currently volunteers at a local mental health crisis hotline. She has worked with various East Bay legal aid organizations – most recently as a Housing and Employment Attorney at Family Violence Appellate Project.

Janani currently serves on the California Commission for Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs, and previously served as a Commissioner on the Oakland Public Ethics Commission. Most recently, Janani was a top-two candidate in California State Assembly District 18’s special election, and used her platform to stimulate public dialogue around living wages, racial justice, and institutionalized corruption.

Janani is excited to join Centro’s team of social justice warriors!

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