Xavier Johnson

Senior Staff Attorney

Xavier Johnson focuses on tenant petitions and hearings with the Oakland Rent Adjustment Program. As a Staff Attorney at Centro Legal, Xavier provides assistance to tenants through all stages of the petition process including providing representation at the day of the hearings. In addition, Xavier coordinates policy advocacy for the tenants rights team. He engages with the community through outreach and documents how tenants are being impacted by the housing crisis and what steps we can take to ensure that our tenant communities are protected.

Over his career, Xavier has worked with law firms, non-profits, and governmental entities in the realms of policy advocacy, research and community organizing. Xavier spent two years as a Congressional Aide in Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s District Office with a focus on housing and housing justice.

Xavier holds a Juris Doctor from University of California Berkeley School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Texas at San Antonio. He also is a Chair of Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission, Assembly District Delegate for California Democratic Party, and Policy Committee Chair at the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club.

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