With an estimated 5,800 military troops already at the US border, yesterday Donald Trump gave them the authority to use lethal force against 500 unarmed families. This directive and the resulting acts of violence are nothing less than U.S. terrorism, and reflect the administration’s lack of a moral compass. Trump has invested millions of taxpayer dollars in military resources for the purpose of dehumanizing and re-traumatizing vulnerable children and families.

Centro Legal de la Raza condemns these actions and believes resources should be devoted to ensure these families are met with appropriate shelter, food, and advocacy, not tanks and tear gas. Families at the border are seeking asylum, safety and refuge after a treacherous journey, fleeing violence from their homelands and experiencing continual violence along the way.

Centro will be at the border in December and January working with Al Otro Lado, a partner legal organization, to provide free legal services to children and families seeking asylum.

“It is essential these families have access to legal representation,” said Eleni Wolfe-Roubatis, Centro Legal Immigration Program Director. “The right to seek asylum is fundamental to who we are as a nation. Our team will continue to do everything in its power to protect that right.”

As California’s largest provider of deportation defense, Centro Legal is devoting its time and unique legal expertise to help immigrant families. Join us in the #FightforJustice!