Trump’s State of the Union message was full of divisive language and fear mongering rhetoric. Centro Legal stands for truth and justice, while firmly opposing any additional resources for the detention of immigrants or further militarization of our border. Instead, we call for investments that will bring us closer to safety, unity and healing, by providing critical resources such as legal counsel, education and advocacy for all immigrants facing deportation, stigma and inhumane treatment.

We are heartened by Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s declaration that California will continue to fight Trump’s manufactured state of emergency at the border as it is both immoral and illegal. At Centro Legal we strive to provide comprehensive representation and due process for those in our local communities and statewide, this includes families fleeing violence in their countries of origin. Centro Legal demands that additional local, state and national representatives stand in solidarity with us and take action. We must ensure access to justice and resources for our most vulnerable children and families. Together, we can effectively resist this administration’s inhumane, unlawful and dangerous anti-immigrant actions.