The Northern California Rapid Response Network (NCRRN) is aware of an increase in immigration enforcement actions throughout the region. This includes an increase in reports of arrests in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as surrounding regions, including at least 167 arrests in Los Angeles. NCRRN is continuing to gather information and reports from local rapid response networks.

“It is critical for community members to report ICE activity as soon as it takes place in order for local networks and attorneys to respond effectively. Time is of the essence in these cases and early reporting can potentially mean the difference between deportation and due process. The best way for community members to assist is to reach out to local rapid response hotlines,” said Hamid Yazdan Panah, the attorney coordinator for NCRRN, housed at the Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco.

These large scale enforcement actions are the latest example of a policy of terror separating families and fostering fear and mistrust in the social fabric of our communities. The NCRRN in partnership with local rapid response networks asks that affected families reach out to local hotlines to report enforcement actions and obtain assistance.

It is important to stand together and coordinate a united response to actions that are meant to inflict fear in our communities in general and sanctuary cities in particular.

There are currently a number of local rapid response networks in Northern California that can be contacted to report ICE activity and enforcement actions. These include:

Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership (ACILEP)

Region covered: Alameda County
Contact information: 510-241-4011

SF Rapid Response Network
Region covered: San Francisco City
Contact information: 415-200-1548

Santa Clara County Rapid Response Network
Region covered: Santa Clara County
Contact information: 408-290-1144

Monterey County Rapid Response Network
Region covered: Monterey County
Contact information: 831-643-5225

San Mateo Rapid Response Network
Region covered: San Mateo County
Contact information: 203-666-4472

Fresno Rapid Response
Region covered: Fresno County
Contact information: 559-206-0151

Sacramento Rapid Response
Region covered: Sacramento County
Contact information: 916-245-6773

Santa Cruz County Rapid Response
Region covered: Santa Cruz County
Contact information: 831-239-4289

Marin Rapid Response Network
Region covered: Marin County
Contact information: 415-991-4545

Services, Immigration Rights and Education Network (SIREN) Rapid Response Text Platform
Region covered: Northern & Central CA
Community Members: 201-468-6088
Allies: 918-609-4480