Immigrants’ Rights Legal Practice

Priya Arvind Patel
Priya Arvind PatelSupervising Attorney
Lynsay Skiba
Lynsay SkibaInterim Supervising Attorney
Katie Mullins
Katie MullinsManaging Attorney
Stefanie Gonzales
Stefanie GonzalesSr. Staff Attorney
Cristina Leal
Cristina LealSr. Paralegal
Genesis Fabian
Genesis FabianParalegal
Daniela Martinez
Daniela MartinezParalegal
Stephanie Medina
Stephanie MedinaSr. Paralegal
Marina Garcia
Marina GarciaDOJ Accredited OLAP/DOJ Representative
Emily Almendarez
Emily AlmendarezSr. Paralegal
Julie Hiatt
Julie HiattManaging Attorney
Omar de la Cruz
Omar de la CruzInterim Supervising Attorney
Norma Calmo
Norma CalmoSr. Mam Interpreter
Deyci Carrillo Lopez
Deyci Carrillo LopezSr. Paralegal
Monica Valencia
Monica ValenciaSupervising Attorney
Juliana Morgan-Trostle
Juliana Morgan-TrostleSr. Staff Attorney
Jane Lee
Jane LeeInterim Managing Attorney
Vanessa Orozco
Vanessa OrozcoSr. Paralegal
Ana Rodriguez
Ana RodriguezSr. Know Your Rights Coordinator
Isaac Flegel Mishlove
Isaac Flegel MishloveSkadden Fellow and Staff Attorney
Abby Sullivan Engen
Abby Sullivan EngenManaging Attorney
Eileen Barrera
Eileen BarreraSr. Program Coordinator
Susan Beaty
Susan BeatySupervising Attorney
Eva Loney
Eva LoneySr. Staff Attorney
Trevor Kosmo
Trevor KosmoSr. Staff Attorney
Silvia Contreras
Silvia ContrerasSr. Paralegal
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia GonzalezSr. Paralegal
Nallely Romayor Reynoso
Nallely Romayor ReynosoSr. Paralegal
Deisy Amezcua Tarelo
Deisy Amezcua TareloSr. Paralegal

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